Ramadan Mubarak

We wish you and your family a blessed month of Ramadan.

Iftar and Taraweeh will be held in our masjid inshallah. If you are attending, please make sure you take the following guidelines into serious consideration.

  1. Attendance
  • Only a LIMITED number of congregants can be accepted in Masjid up to building occupancy in accordance with State Covid19 guidelines.
  • Must wear a mask, practice social distancing, avoid handshaking and hugging.
  • Come with wudu and prayer mat, avoid crowds in bathroom.
  1. Iftar
  • Be and remain seated at designated area and wait to be served (no food lines will be allowed).
  • Keep eating area socially distanced, avoid proximity.
  1. Prayer Schedule during Ramadan:
  First 10 days Second 10 days Last 10 days
Fajr 5:30am 5:15am 5:00am
Dhuhr 1:15pm 1:15pm 1:15pm
Asr 5:45pm 6:00pm 6:15pm


Isha 9:15pm 9:30pm 9:45pm


Masjid needs your support, and it is easy:

Zelle @ 845-421-7702

  • 5 Daily Prayers.
  • Halaqas after Fajr Prayer.
  • Tajweed Class: Friday / Sunday Nights after Isha and Sunday after Fajr.