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Board Members


Meeting Dates Decision Made

Board First meeting after the election.

  1. Transition meeting is set for 12/27/2019
  2. Board first official meeting is set for 1/3/2020
  1. Review of previous Board activities and Finances.
  2. Board agreed to come up with a preliminary agenda and budget by the next meeting.
  1. Board agreed on a preliminary agenda for the year 2020.
  2. Board agreed to continuously review some budget items for ways to cut costs: landscaping and snow removal, phone and internet, heating supplies.
  3. A monthly financial statement will be published. 
  4. MIC website and Masjid sound system will be upgraded before 2020 Ramadan.
  5. Information system: MIC cloud storage and electronic membership database will be created. Board email addresses will be created i.e .
  6. A new Paypal account for online payment will be created. 
  7. Solar panels for masjid electricity will be explored.
  1. Fridays prayers, Sunday school, and religious activities are suspended or cancelled until further notice due to Coronavirus Pandemic.
  2. Board approves the resignation of General Secretary Mazhar Sheikh and Social Secretary Nassir Hammad.
  1. Daily prayers, Friday prayers, Sunday school, religious activities are cancelled until March 31st 2020.
  2. Board has decided to donate toilet paper and bleach.