Food Pantry


Mission: Convey the Islamic message of peace, tolerance, caring for the neighbors. 

Goal: We collect non-perishable groceries from MIC community and distribute them to residents of Middletown that are in need, regardless of faith, race, gender, origin, etc., directly or indirectly through partnering organizations.

How can you contribute:

1. You can donate food from out list of preferred items shows below. You can collect an empty MIC Outreach at masjid bag from Masjid and return it with your donation.

2. You can donate $25.00 which is the cost per bag filled with groceries from our list. Smaller cash donations are also accepted. Options to donate are:

  • Zelle at 845-421-7702 (Text “For Food Pantry“)
  • Paypal: OR used Donate button on website (Choose “Food Pantry” on the optional donation list)
3. You can also sign-up online (see below) to become a monthly sustaining member.

Outreach Contact:

Phone: 845-421-7702

Preferable Items
Rice, 5Lbs bag Cooking Oil 1 liter bottle Chick Peas 15 oz can
Pasta / Spaghetti 1 Lb box/bag Pasta Sauce 15 0z can/jar Sweet Peas 15 oz can
Hot & Cold Cereals 8 oz box Beans, all types 15oz can Corn, 15 oz can
Optional Items: Tuna, Sardines Note: Please follow the measurements provided.