Imam’s Corner

Imaam Azzeddine

Born in Casablanca – Morocco, Imaam Azzeddine grew up like every Moroccan kid who attends Masjid at age 4 to learn the basics of Arabic and Quran (like the pre-K here in the US). However, most of Imaam Azzeddine’s Islamic guidance and ethics came from his father, may Allah grants him the highest level of Jannat, who used to be, besides his job as a businessman, a man of Quran and a Mouaddin.

Imaam Azzeddine is the elder of eight siblings growing up in a middle-class family in a small town called Skhirat, married with four kids, two girls and two boys Mashaa Allah and grandfather of two years’ old boy.

With the blessing of Allah,  Imaam Azzeddine earned his masters degree in Shareea Islamic studies and a bachelor degree in sociology and mental health “Honor” from Hunter College New York.

You can contact Imaam Azzeddine at:

Phone Number 646-387-9543